Where then shall we find tomorrow?



You may  be a very good and hardworking individual but lots of times you risk family hours working for your employer, then one day you get fired!

You may risk your marriage for an extra marital affair then one day they leave you with a broken marriage!

You may be very generous  spending your  income a good number of weekends on a few individuals,one day you lose it and they can’t step in and help you!

You may be  hanging around people with no definite vision of where they are headed with you  in life and one day,tables get turned and you no longer are in the picture;your time has been wasted!

So what,we don’t take risks?Absolutely not.

 In life nothing great is accomplished without taking a risk.A lot of times though we are taking  “small”  negative risks everyday but overtime their impact can not be ignored. Get to know what REALLY matters for a risk to be involved.

My two cents though;take every risk to:

1.Live right with your creator
When it’s all done on this world and you no longer breathe,it’s unto Him you will give an account of your life.If you live right with your creator,you will also live right with the rest of His creation and do things the right way

2.Pursue your wildest dreams and make them a reality.
You have only one life.The worst that can happen is to be at your death-bed,time barred and making wishes.It will be too late.You are full of life now;take an action each day towards reaching for those things you always want to do/have.Even if you may not  accomplish all of them,the process will make you a better human being and gift to humanity.

3.Enjoy your life;be happy
No matter the height and weight of everything you do,if you are not happy,you will not  be fulfilled in life.Make your time on earth count.