The silence

I knocked the door….silence
I knocked again…silence
And again…silence

Had you not said I knock
The door shall be opened?
Had you?

One more knock….silence
Reaching out to you
Calling you….silence

Had you not said I call
You will answer
Show me great,hidden things?

One more call….silence
One more knock…silence

I sat at the door step
Waiting with hope
That you would show up

With hope you would answer
Two minutes..three..four…

Why would you not respond?
Are you still there?
Are you watching me?

Had you not said
You are near to those who seek you
Who seek you in truth?

Why then can’t I find you?
Had you not said
I seek,I shall find?

Why the silence…
Are you still there?

Can you hear me call?
Do you still love me?
Am I still yours?

I left
I had to

One day…two days…a week
No answers
No signs

Why the silence?
Why no response?


I am still here
My ears not too deaf
That I can’t hear you.

I love you
I am watching over you
Yes,I have been

My hand not too short
That I can’t save you
You’ safe in my arms

I never sleep
I never slumber
Watching over you.

My eyes never go off you
My child,your name
Is embedded in the palm of my hands

I will never forget you
When it’s all silent
Am working things out for your good

A little more patience
Keeping the hope,the trust
Is all I ask

You are precious to me
I can never let you go
You are mine.

I am your God.


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