Why Me?

Sara had grown up with a clear vision of where she wanted to be in life. As an engineer she envisioned setting up her own firm and offering engineering services.She had envisioned a big family,big cars and the good things a girl dreams of  growing up.

As she sat at the balcony enjoying some coffee and reading her own book, memories went to three years back. Yes, she had graduated from college and landed the job she had dreamt of. She was an electrical engineer. She was now staying on her own and could pay her bills and once in a year afford a vacation.Life was good. In her mind she would soon settle with her long time boyfriend,maybe  have a small wedding. She was good at what she did and a lot of people appreciated her work. She was proud of herself.

It was one of those chilly Monday mornings when she arrived at work. There were lots of projects to be completed that week so she grabbed some hot coffee to keep off the cold and get energized for the week. The phone rang.

“Hello,Sara on the line.How may I help you?”

It was her boss. He requested her to report to his office. Once there Sara sensed that something wasn’t right.This was not the usual Monday meetings where she got to update her boss on progress of the projects.She sat down and waited for his call to be over.

To her surprise, there was a letter on the table which she had not noticed.It was handed over to her. It read “termination of contract”. Sara read through not sure if everything happening was reality. As it turned out for reasons she couldn’t comprehend at that time, her time was over in the organization. She has to leave. She went back to her office, packed her belongings and left. This was not the time for goodbyes.

“Who fires people on a Monday morning?”She thought to herself. She felt betrayed.She was bitter. Sara had worked so hard for the company and could not think if that was the way for them to payback. She left not sure where to go and how to break the news to her family.

In her house, she closed herself in and switched off her phone.She needed her company only.No distractions. She needed time to mourn. “Why me?”She sobbed.It had been five days when she came back to her senses. She couldn’t sleep due to a throbbing headache. Sara had heard lots of stories about depression.She had never thought a day would come when she would attract it. She didn’t want to suffer depression.For her family’s sake she had to be strong.

She resumed reading: “On this day I realized bad things will happen to good people. While most will ask “Why me? I realized I needed to ask “Why not me?” Why not me inspiring someone that there’s so much hope even after a season of brokenness? Why not me encouraging someone that life doesn’t end the day they get fired?Why not me  being a voice of  reason to them that feel that it’s the end? Why not me being an encouragement that whatever was meant for evil can work for good?

She paused. Looking back, that fateful day had marked a new season in her life. What had been meant for evil had worked in all ways for her good.

“What if I was still trying to find out the answers to “why me” till today?”She thought.

She realized in the midst of turmoil a positive outlook can help one travel miles through the storm.On the other hand a negative one, makes one lighter and more vulnerable for the storm to sway and destroy them.

“Happy third anniversary to me,” she shouted as she went to refill her mug.












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