Fare Thee Well

The day you were born was such a joy to me. In it I had found a new hope; that with a new start comes better things, another chance to do things better and become a better me. At the onset, it was exciting to welcome you, but anxiety filled me too. I didn’t know how having you would turn out to be. Regardless, I moved on with faith and hope that good tidings would come my way.

My dreams were set on motion, excited that this time I would make most, if not all, a reality. I was determined to let go off the past and its limiting beliefs and usher myself into a new world of possibilities.

Days went by turning into weeks, then months. Today your time is almost up. Looking back, it was great having you. You gave me a chance to learn that lemons can make something tasty and that life is short and every minute counts. In you I learned the joy of having a family, friends and the toil of fighting an enemy. You taught me about the beauty of life; while every day may not turn out as I would expect, if I am breathing there will be something better coming my way.

You reminded me to embrace humble beginnings because they lay a foundation for rosy endings. You taught me that every story has a moral and that I should read through the flow picking my lessons. You reminded me to never ignore that little voice within me. I am greatful that in you I realized, as small and still as it is, it speaks louder than anyone other voice.

I was reminded to always be true to myself, to love and cherish being me. In this I learnt to stand on top of mountains and shout that regardless of everything, I am still proud of me, with the talents,the gifts, the beauty and all that makes me who I am.

While I would wish that some of the chapters you ushered me into could have been shorter, I am grateful, as I read the last chapter, that the entire book of 2017 has been beautiful in its own way. The story has been thrilling, exciting, heart breaking sometimes but without this, the plot would have been too flat and unenticing. A few more pages and it shall be over.

As often said, all that begins well, ends well and so I look forward to a happy ending!

All in all, it has been great sojourning through you.

Goodbye 2017.

With thanks

A grateful sojourner.


One comment on “Fare Thee Well

  1. Your posts are inspiring


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