After the assignment

She watched as the casket went down.Memories of the day she had said “I do” ran through her mind.It was one of the happiest days in her life,finally she was getting married to the man of her dreams.She had known so much happiness in the last two years until the tragic accident happened,marking the till-death-do-us-part moment. Sara was stuck in this moment and all she could do was to cry and take in the last moments of seeing her husband.She now appreciated what each day with a loved one meant.Sara understood that moments spent with her husband could never be exchanged for anything she could ever think about.There was so much  they had planned for. She now had to figure out a lot of things by herself ,maybe she may not have to,she may follow him soon.She had thought to herself.

It had been 5 years since that day. Sara  was flipping through her album when a photo of her late husband got her attention. It was the sunny day he had proposed to her seven years back. It had been tough trying to get on with her life without him. Sara had well understood  that what couldn’t kill her would only make her stronger and so she had resolved to try to be strong and move on.She had realized her time was limited just like her husband’s and she made up her mind to indulge in something that would keep her busy before her time comes too.She was now more aware of how life is a temporary assignment and decided to make everyday on this assignment count.

Tomorrow will be a great day,Sarah thought to herself. It was one of the days she had always looked forward to.

The room was fully packed;there were lots of people seated calmly and waiting.
“Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together and help me welcome the woman of
the moment.” Boomed the voice.

Sara briskly walked on the stage looking more confident than ever.She had never thought of this moment when Tim was alive. Being alone had taught her so much, she learned to face challenges alone, attack her fears and that journey had brought her to this stage.After greetings, she thanked everyone for gracing the occasion and proceeded with her speech.

“Since the death of my husband a lot of things got a new meaning in my life.Before that day I didn’t think it wasn’t obvious to spend an hour, a day ,a month a year with some one you love. I realized I had come to a point of assuming that if today is, then tomorrow must be. If now I am,tomorrow I most likely will. If now I have,then next time  I will be having too.

I came to realize that time moves on.Kinda it never gives a damn on  what’s happening to you.I remember the night he passed away, I wished I would have been given more time with him. I was bitter with God for taking him away that soon. There were so many plans we had,a little more time with him would have helped us complete them. Six months after his death I realized I had wished a lot but time had gone. I knew another six months  spent the same way would cost me a lot. I made up my mind to stand strong and use the extra few minutes I had in a day indulging in something that would keep my mind occupied. I loved writing and so in between traffic I wrote a few words each day.This is why we all are here today celebrating the birth of a new book.”

The crowd cheered.

“You see,”she continued, “I realized it’s not how much time you have in a day but rather doing something extra ordinary;making use of the extra few minutes you have in a day.It isn’t about abundance of time, but abundance of time creative thoughts that makes the difference.

Ever since Tim passed away, I have always kept asking myself this question:What if God could show us how many more days we have left? ” She paused. The crowd was silent. “Am sure some of us would maybe leave here this minute go make things right with their loved ones,parents who would  wake from their sleep to accumulate more wealth for their kids,there are people who would start looking for their passports now to make that trip around the world,there are people who would work harder on their dreams than  they are today,there are those who would start spending more time with their families today. Unfortunately this day remains a mystery until it comes.It could be the day after today, it could be next month, it could be next year….create time today, do these things.

In the last five years I also have come to realize we are where we are today as a result of the hours,minutes and days we have put in or not put in to make ourselves a better version of we. A little effort for a few minutes in a day over a period of time,got me here today. If you are to wake up and spend your time the way you do now for the next fifty-two weeks, where do you think you would be after the weeks are over? Some of us will be narrating great stories, others will be rising above the bars and changing history, others will be making  history but others  it will just be an end of a year.

What are you doing with this valuable called time? I have often looked at time as :To Invest More Everyday. The question is what do you invest in? A minute invested in wrong things over and over becomes a year..two years..three.. by the time most realize the dents are already in place. An hour a day invested in something good adds more life to a year lived.Think what thirty minutes a day working out on the gym could do to your body. Same way  thirty minutes working on something you want to achieve or improve on could transform you life, turning to three hours a week, twelve hours in a month and so many days in a year. Looking back I realize everyday I spent with Tim had been an investment into our marriage.The hours we invested every day of our marriage and how we invested had defined our lives as we parted. It could have been two years of just living with another human being or two years of a rich experience about life.I am glad it was the latter.

It’s unfortunate that most people do not appreciate the time they have because they always look at time in a wrong context. The little time you can spend with your kids, there’s someone locked up in prison and wishing they could just have that time. Someone else is wishing they could afford your little extra time because they have a crazy work schedule. Someone else is in a hospital bed running out of time and wishing they could have just one more hour with their family. Another one is wishing they could have that extra minute and start over again,do things right. Others are wishing to have that extra day over the weekend and accomplish something. Some of us wish for one more day, just one more time to spent with our departed ones.

Life is busy but we still get time to eat and drink because it’s a necessity. Unless what you want to pursue matters to you, it will always be difficult to get time. You can’t prioritize what you don’t love. Would it be fit to say we don’t love our dreams because we don’t prioritize it, we don’t love our families because we don’t prioritize them? If you have the desire to get something done, you will always create time.

I do hope as you read this book, you will open your minds to some of the time nuggets shared there in and help others realize that the  wealth of time discriminates no one;the haves and have-nots, the young the old,the literate the illiterate, the religious the atheists, we can all embrace it.

Thank you all for listening.” She ended.

The crowd cheered jubilantly.

It was a great day.Sara was glad to have lived to see it.


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