It’s one big story,what’s your part?

I grew up from a small village in what was then Eastern Province in Kenya.My parents were not rich but  to me they were as there’s no single day I lacked what was necessary for me to grow up.It was somehow a perfect life;not really so but I was a happy girl.I don’t remember a single day that I ever complained to God or even anyone about my life;I appreciated every bit of it,the hot sun back in the village,the morning walk to school and evening back home and sometimes on bare foot! In life as you may learn,it’s  never about all things being perfect but rather the attitude we choose to embrace every day with.

At the age of 14, I was ready to join high school.Shortly before,something terrible happened:my dad,the sole breadwinner in the family,lost his job.It is said that it’s darkest before dawn.This point became one of the darkest moments in my life and it would be many days later before my dawn would come.

I had always had such a big faith in my parents,I always believed that somehow they will make things work. One day while on holiday I overheard a conversation between  them that struck me so hard and instantly all the faith I had of things working out diminished. I realized that we were facing the possibility of bankruptcy and as a result there would be no more money to get my fees paid. My faith lane changed.

I wasn’t yet done with my first year in high school and this was happening? I had so much hope of getting through high school,getting to campus, getting a good job and giving myself and my family a better future.All hope was lost.My mind immediately bought into all the negative thoughts it could and I sank into a pit of pessimism.I would think to myself what was the point of waking up and attending classes if there was no fees? What was the point of all the hard work since i was likely to drop out of school? What was the point of being in  school?What was the point of working for a future that was no longer guaranteed? I remember crying silently in bed every single night for many nights.I was depressed,it was devastating.

There will be seasons in your life as you grow when one barrier will be sent your way to break you.There will be seasons in your life when nothing will make sense.There will be times when the only source of hope you had, will no longer be there. These will be critical moments especially when you are young because they will define many more seasons of your life there after.

After crying for a good number of nights, I got tired .I realized my crying was not making the situation better.Having grown up in a christian family I knew there was something called prayer.I made up my mind to give it a try.So for the next many mornings for many months I would wake up,go to the prayer room and talk to God.As I prayed,it dawned to me that regardless of the odds against me,God had allowed me to be alive and to be in that school.My life was not yet over and He had a purpose for me.My life was still intact and there was so much more that lay ahead of me.At this moment,all I told God was He knew I was young and that I was at school to learn and not to look for school fees. I made a declaration that I never ever would be sent home for school fees.I then realized that my part in this whole story was to learn and do well in school.My parents’ part was to pay school fees.And the part of God was to help my parents get the school fees.This was the eye opener that turned my life around.Realize that when negative situations get staged in your life you’ve got to figure out  what your part in the story is. This way it becomes clear what to dedicate yourself to and make better decisions.

There after,every single day of high school  I employed all the faith i could in to my declaration that I would never be sent home for fees.As it turned out in my 4 years at school,I was never sent away  for fees.I even cleared with an over payment, yet my family situation hadn’t changed. Looking back today, I try to think, had  I never made that one decision to get on my knees and pray, Would i have seen the end to my 4 years in the school?How would my life look like today?

All odds could be against you today, but that’s just the beginning of a bigger testimony,a better inspiration.You got to figure out  your part in that story , act accordingly and watch all pieces fall into place.The only challenge is,what is that one positive decision you will make against the odds?


10 comments on “It’s one big story,what’s your part?

  1. Kyeva says:

    Deep and encouraging


  2. ELIZA KIMEU says:

    Siz,you are very correct.Life was not easy for us there at the village,but with prayers and our parents standing with us,we have made it.Thankyou for your encouragement


  3. Adelaide Khanani Muteshi says:

    Awesome read Ruth,God is soo faithful am happy for you today look at what God has done and there is alot He is yet to do in your Life!!


  4. Robert Aguya says:

    Very inspiring for the people going through difficult circumstances. Dust your shoes and do your bit.


  5. New Muleso says:

    Am encouraged, and now I will go to the prayer room for God to take me out of a dark situation


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